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Your One-Stop Shop for Business Accounting Needs

A common issue we hear from owners and executives of small and mid-sized businesses is the challenge of consolidating their requirements and addressing them – or at least launching some solutions -- in a single meeting. Too often, prior to visiting Coet2 CPAs, they had to shift from one Denver-area accounting firm to another, looking for specialists to address their needs in such diverse categories as tax planning, tax preparation, financial planning, payroll services, QuickBooks management, retirement planning, personal property tax issues and even forensic accounting.

Then those businesses found Coet2, and their traveling days were over. At Coet2, those small and mid-sized business people found that they could solve all their accounting issues because Coet2 maintains a staff of accounting experts who are well-versed in all those issues, and more. Additionally, Coet2 is a member of the Joint Task Force of the Colorado Department of Revenue and the Colorado Society of CPAs. Any tax or financial issue specific to Colorado is one that Coet2 will handle with the utmost efficiency.

When a business person in a relatively new business consults with us, she wants to know how much the business is worth, how to set up payroll, how to keep track of property tax liabilities, how to manage the paperwork involved in withholding taxes for employees, how to set up retirement plans for themselves and their employees, and of course how to mitigate tax exposure for the next reporting period. We handle it all. We even provide training on QuickBooks for current clients on an individual basis. Our accounting firm is just the right size with just the right mix of experts: big enough and smart enough to provide all the answers to your business accounting questions and needs... and small enough to care about you on a personal level.