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Payroll Services

Efficient at automating your payroll, collecting data and placing it into your business tax worksheets
Efficient at automating your payroll, collecting data and placing it into your business tax worksheets

All the Payroll Services Your Business Will Need

If you are a small or medium-sized business owner, one of your most challenging obligations is in the area of payroll. While you are focused on other, more important aspects of your business, such as operations, customer service, or marketing, you don't want to have to dedicate a significant portion of your limited time tracking employee hours, calculating compensation, cutting checks, and recording the tax consequences.

That's where Coet2 P.C. CPAs can make itself such a valuable partner.

At Coet2, we know the most efficient ways to automate your payroll, collect all that data and allow it to flow into tax worksheets. We create computer-generated payroll checks and we can issue them to your employees, depending upon your preference. Do you want your employees to enjoy the convenience of direct deposit? We can set that up. Or if you want your un-banked or under-banked employees to be set up with a rechargeable debit card, we can do that, too!

Your employees might be set up to receive other benefits, with deductions from their payroll -- such as health, dental, legal assistance and pre-tax flexible spending accounts for health expenses. Coet2 is set up to accommodate all these pay-stub elements.

But our payroll services go beyond simple check generation. We process the critical data so that we are also able to prepare your 941 forms (quarterly withholding taxes). We also accumulate the data necessary for the automated production of quarterly unemployment reports (state and federal) and workers' compensation reports. And of course we prepare W-2 forms at the end of the year and submit those forms to the Social Security Administration, completely relieving you of these tedious and stressful tasks. Moving forward, Coet2 anticipates that W-2s will become increasingly complex, containing information in compliance with new health coverage policies (Obamacare). Coet2 will track that information as it pertains to your business, along with HSAs (health savings accounts) and the pre-tax contributions in those accounts that roll over from year to year.

Of course, much of your payroll information has a critical impact on your company's final tax return, and Coet2 is able to integrate all this information into one smooth operation, saving you time and money with our one-stop shop approach.

We are structured to do business in Colorado, and we are thoroughly familiar with Colorado tax laws that affect your payroll. Coet2 is a member of the Joint Task Force of the Colorado Department of Revenue and the Colorado Society of CPAs -- so we know the state tax laws with all their intricacies. But we can also provide advice for business owners with employees out of state.