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Business Consulting

Our management consulting team can help set a positive direction with forecasts, projections or budgeting. At Coet2 CPAs PC, we evaluate the financial efficiency of your business and implement improved methods where needed.

  • Cash flow projections for loan applications, business plans, and cash flow management. Will you run out of cash? Many businesses fail, not because they failed to make a profit, but because they failed to manage their cash!
  • Assistance in hiring accounting personnel. Do you know what questions to ask, what qualifications are necessary, what experience is needed?
  • Internal controls. Does your system of controls help to deter theft? Does it protect your assets from employee mistakes or omissions?
  • Software selection. Do you need help in selecting the proper software for your accounting? Do you worry about relying too heavily on off-the-shelf software that might not be the right fit for your business purposes? Let Coet & Coet's team of professionals guide your business with these decisions.